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BLOG SALE- Year End Sale (mane n tail, cottage, viva, loreal)

Helllo... well this is not my first blog sale but this is the first time I make a post for it.
Gue mau jualin barang-barang ini alesannya karena udah bosen dan mau ganti produk lain. Semuanya dibeli tahun ini ya jadi masih lama expire nya.

Mane N' Tail Original Shampoo 355 ML
Rp. 50.000 - 50%
(beli di Luxola, mau ganti TBS ^^ yang mau coba sampo kuda yg ngehits bgt bisa bgt sebelum beli full size nya)


Heyy everyoneee ^^ So excited finally I have few free days well it's holiday anyway. Hahaha yep, you might wanna know what's happening :p Well here's a news for you, I passed my thesis defence yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooohooooooo after days of hard work and bags under my eyes :p
so I'm officially S.I.Kom beibeeeh
it's a ritual for students in my faculty, silly but, why niot? hehehe

Shopping : Tokopedia.com

Helloooooo, here come the end of the year! huft... can't belive time passed so fast. And yes, my thesis is about to come to an end [ please!] I've been busy with my thesis and again left my blog untouched.
But today, I'm going to share my shopping experience from the famous online marketplace, tokopedia.com

REVIEW : Cottage Repair Hand Cream Violet

Hello everyone...!
It's already 2 weeks I abandoned this blog [ again ] yeah I'm sorry, but the fun and exciting news is that my thesis is finally -almost- come to an end! hahahaha. Yesterday I gave my thesis from first to final chapter to be reviewed by my lecturer, let's see how it'll turn out next week.

So, okay,.. this hand cream I bought along with Mane n Tail, as you might have read my post about Luxola.co.id 2 weeks ago so I've been using this since then. Yep, because this is purple, violet, whatever you call it, I decided to buy this.

Shopping Experience at Luxola.co.id

Hello girls!
This time I'll talk about another shopping experience , yep beberapa hari lalu gue nyobain belanja di Luxola. Bukan gara-gara penasaran doang loh.. walaupun itu salah satunya :p

REVIEW : Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme Volcanic Red 675

Hallo dear...
Finally I have a little time to write a review and this time is a lipstick! and this one is my first red lipstick. Because it's cheap and gorgeous, why wouldnt I try it? so I bought this!
This one is from Revlon, their cheapest lipstick and also from their old collection. 

REVIEW : Nivea Med Protection SPF 15

I bought this lip balm because my latest lip balm, nivea essential care is running out. Because this one has spf, I thougt why not try it? ^^
This lip balm is a bit rare to find. Sometimes I can't find it everywhere, but one day it just there. So I can't just find it when i need it. Not too popular maybe?

REVIEW : JF Sulfur Mild Care Facial Wash

Halloooo halo halooo... diitung-itu udah hampir sebulan nih blog ga kesentuh sama sekali humph, apalagi kalo bukan gara-gara skripsi yang menghalangi segalanya :p karena pengen ngejar selesai tahun ini, dan gue baru bab 3[ !] jadi ditinggal dulu deh segala macem aktivitas favorit *hiks.

okay, kali ini produk yang mau gue review adalah sabun cuci muka andalan kalo lagi jerawatan, yes the one and only JF sulfur! ^^
Sebelumnya gue pake yang acne care, and btw JF sulfur ini punya 4 macam jenis sabun kalo ga salah ada acne care, mild care,oily care, dan blemish care. Nah kali ini karena penasaran, dan di bungkusnya dia mengklaim bisa merawat kulit berjerawat dengan lembut, akhirnya gue beli dah ini.

My First Foundation Brush !! : Coastal Scents Bionic Top Flat Buffer Brush

Hi everybody! I am really excited today, because Im going to share my experience after using my very first foundation brush.
I've been using sponge to apply my foundation/ bb cream, not a beauty blender, that's tooo expensive. just for a sponge, seriously! haha poor you..

I wanted to buy the real technique actually, but it's more expensive than this brush haha i konw.. i know, there's a lot consideration before purchasing a new thing that i haven't try yet.
So, finally i bought this!

First Impression on Pantene Aqua Pure Shampoo

Hello everyone, earlier this week I bought a shampoo from Pantene, this one is the newest shampoo from them. I've been seeing the comercial on youtube every single time i watch a beauty video *sigh

Damn, this ad always follows me in every video i watched. But, what makes me curious and finally, yes finally bought this is because I know Pantene had similiar kind of this shampoo, no silicone shampoo called Lively Clean, and I also been using this for months.

So, now lets get straight to the point ^^

REVIEW : Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lips Balm Stain Rendezvous

Hey hey hey.... This time, I'll review about a balm stain from Revlon. This product is out looooong time ago, and I've been using this since last December, i guess. This is my first orange lip product. When I saw my friend have this, I really want to try this. So let's check this out ...

Nivea Lovely Lips Natural Pink Lip Balm

Hello everyone... pffftt it's almost two weeks (?) I abandoned my blog. This week i've been busy with my thesis, finally my lecturer allowed me to make the second chapter after 2 months struggled with the first chapter.

So, I haven't a chance to go shopping, makeup products especially. But yesterday, finally I went to the mall nearby and decided to buy a lip balm. Actually i havent run out my lip balm yet haha but out of curiousity, as always.. i bought this.

REVIEW : L'Oreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer

So today's review is a primer. This is not my first primer. I've tried primer from Make Over and not really like it. So, finally i bought this.

I'm really excited to try this >.<

Shopping at Lazada.co.id

Hey friends! Baru aja nih kemaren beli kosmetik di Lazada. I was looking for another primer, after disatisfacion of my last primer [ from Make Over] i decided to buy another primer. This time is from L'oreal.

Harga L'oreal Base Magique ini di konternya 165.000 [java mall semarang]. Lagi iseng-iseng nyari di toko online, mulai dari Zalora sampe pusatkosmetik.com, sampe lah ke Lazada.

Sebelumnya gue pernah beli catokan nova 2 in 1 di Lazada, beberapa bulan lalu. Cuma ngga sempet review :p

Playing Around With Makeup #1

So, now I tell you, I am not very good with makeup. All i know is only about base makeup [ foundation, little bit concealer], and for eye makeup, eyeliner is the only product I can use very well.

I want to learn how to do makeup properly, and self-learning is all I can do right now. Maybe I'll attend makeup class someday, but not today.

First, I learn how to wear foundation. How to make foundation looks good on your face and cover all those acne scars i have. Currently I use a sponge, makeup sponge to apply my foundation. I wish to buy a foundation brush, but I still search which is the best foundation brush for a beginner.

I'm eyeing Real Technique Expert Face Brush and Coastal Scents Bionic Buffer Brush. Coastal Scents is cheaper, but I don't know which one is better, any suggestions?

REVIEW : Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel SPF 30 pa++ [ normal to oily skin]

Hello everyone..! This time, i'll review about my very first sunscreen!
After reading some articles about sunscreen i realized, my face needs protection from the sun as well as my body. So, after searching some information about the best sunscreen for my oily-combination skin, i decided to buy this.

FYI, Skin aqua is actually came from the same company like Acnes and Face on Face, they are products from Rohto.

REVIEW : Garnier Oil Clear Astringent

Hello friends... so this Tuesday, I want to tell you about another toner from Garnier. I love my toner from Garnier, you can see that on my skincare routine here

I found this toner a while ago, and because it claims to make your oily face shine-free, so i bought it!

REVIEW : L'OREAL Mat Magique All-In-One Matte Transforming Powder Nude Ivory N1

Heloooo... the product i'm going to review is one of my makeup wishlist. Yep, L'oreal Mat Magique pressed powder. Because i have oily-combination skin, matte product always caught my attention. Months ago i watched a youtube video about this powder, and result is awesome. I thought, why not give it a try.

So, i bought this a month ago, and i've been using this almost everyday. Let's take a look :

Everyday With Simply Stay by Mustika Ratu

Hellloo there, kali ini aku mau review produk asli dari Indonesia, Mustika Ratu. Udah dari jaman dulu banget brand ini berdiri dan produk kosmetiknya ngga kalah oke sama produk kosmetik yang sekarang ini baru bermunculan.

Nah kali ini review disponsori oleh Mustika Ratunya langsung. Baru aja kemaren paketnya dateng, ternyata paketnya lengkap! bayangannya sih ngga semua shade foundationnya ada di paketnya ternyata dari foundation sampe two way cake nya lengkap ^^ horeee....

So let's check this baby out!

beautyful Putri Indonesia 2014 Elvira Devinamira 

just slide it.. 

REVIEW : Silkygirl Eye Opener Waterproof Mascara

I have to admit, this is my first mascara i ever bought!
Yeah i never really interested in mascara as much as i interested in eyeliner. Mascara is the least makeup item that i like. Why? because i am wearing glasses, everyday. And as a glasses girl you may have know the problem, the longer your lashes, it will bother the glasses. It will hit the glasses and feels uncomfortable.

But, however, i found this cheap mascara and interested to buy it! how weak...
let's take a look

REVIEW : Maybelline Color Show Nail Polish : Blueberry Ice 403

So today's revie is a nail polish from Maybelline. There are lot of colors, but I'll review my current favorite color for this summer, it's blueberry ice. Bright sweet blue ^^

This color is pretty and i'm obsessed with this color recently, so now let's take a look :

Beli Produk Korea Online, Asli kah? Kok lebih murah?

Hellloooo friends!

Kali ini gue bakal sharing soal belanja produk kosmetik korea lewat toko online, atau dari media sosial kayak facebook dan instagram, dan disitulah emang yang paling banyak jualan produk korea.

Seperti judulnya, beneran ngga sih nih? kok murah banget?
buat kalian yang baru atau mungkin pernah beli sekali, pertanyaan kayak gitu wajar banget terlintas. Awalnya gue pun ragu-ragu banget, pertama kali temen gue nge-tag di FB soal toko online yang jualan kosmetik korea.

Yaa you know lah ya, banyak banget yang jualan produk kecantikan murah abal-abal yang bisa bikin kulit putih dalam waktu sehari dua hari dijual online. Mungkin ini juga salah satu kenapa kita, termasuk gue awalnya nggak yakin sama barang yang dijual. This is going to be a long post, so buckle up! ^^

Okay, sebelumnya, gue bakal memperkenalkan atau memperlihatkan lebih okenya, beberapa penampakan barang yang dijual di Instagram :

REVIEW : Secret Key Snail+EGF Repairing Gel Cream

So, the second post otday is a review about my current favorite gel cream. I use this as moisturizer after toner. First i'm a bit skeptical about this, and also i think twice before buy this, because its made from snail's fluid. I don't know what it called. Ewww i hate snail :((

But, after reading a lot of good reviews, especially reviews from blogger who suffered from acne and how this work well on them. I decided to buy this!

My Current Skincare Routine

Hello.. so today i'm going to share what i've been using as my skincare routine for a couple months. I realized, my skin is better now, but still the scars from acne didn't dissapear that easy. But, i am glad that only 2 pimples come out after i use this products regularly.

Most of the products is new for me, i've never tried them before, because usually i use skincare products from my dermatologist. And the bad news is if the products run out, my skin starting to get pimples, lot of pimples.

I don't want to depend on the products from the dermatologist. I need to find products that can make my skin better, hopefully the products is cheap and work well on me. So here i am, with my new skincare products, that currently make my skin better, not best, but i do feel grateful.

REVIEW : Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Toner

Hello, as i promised yesterday, I'll review about this toner I just bought two days ago. Before this, i've been using Clean&Clear toner. When i saw this, and read what it claims, whoa this thing is great! that was the first thought that came to my mind. So, i decided to buy this.

June and Early July Haul

So today's post is about haul, what ever i've bought recently, about 2 weeks ago and yesterday. So check 'em out!

mmmmm.. okay
These are very cheap products, and you can see viva is very affordable, the eyeshadow is only about IDR 7.000, i'll write the complete price list below :

SHOPPING : Pengalaman COD di Zalora Indonesia

Hi! another post about shopping today. Semoga ga bosen ya :D
Dua minggu terakhir emang lagi sering belanja online nih, bukan gara-gara lagi banyak duit kok :/ hehe, nah kali ini gue mau cerita pengalaman gue belanja di Zalora dengan pembayaran COD atau Cash On Delivery. 

COD ini cara kerjanya, kalian bayar barangnya pas dianter sama kurir, jadi ga perlu transfer tinggal tunggu aja kurirnya dateng terus bayar deh.

Perlu diingat, lokasi gue di Semarang Kota yah, nah sebelum cerita panjang lebar, gue mau kasih liat penampakan paket yang dateng dari Zalora.

SHOPPING : Handmade Transprent Bag from Dainty's Handmade Semarang

Helloo... yap, again, gue mau share pengalaman shopping di online shop handmade asal Semarang, namanya Dainty's Handmade. Gue termasuk yang hampir ngga pernah beli barang-barang handmade, karena berbagai alasan. Mulai dari ragu-ragu dengan kualitas bahannya, jahitannya, sampe harganya yang kadang kemahalan.

Ya.. siapa sih yang mau rugi, udah bayar lebih mahal, eh taunya bahannya ngga oke. Kalau beli barang murah, kayak udah tau gitu konsekuensinya, kalo jelek, ya namanya juga murah, dan barang masal. Kalau bagus, ya untung banget, iya ngga? hehe...

Langsung deh, ini yang gue beli :
Taken from their instagram

SHOPPING : Peppercorns Laptop Case 14 inch + handgrip

Heyyy yeaa.... so today, I'm gonna show you what i just bought recently. It's a laptop case, gue lagi butuh case baru yang enak dibawa-bawa. Soalnya, tas laptop gue gede banget, lebih gede daripada laptopnya sendiri yang udah gede [banyak banget gedenya -.-].

so, i've been curious about this brand, it's a local brand from Bandung, Indonesia. The brand also ever featured in some tv program about the uniqueness of the design, and the concept. It is Peppercorns

Because i love purple, i decided to buy this one : 
pic from : peppercornsmonsterland.com

His name is Soondle, grumpy Soondle. Sebenernya gue mau beli yang satu lagi, karena berhubung ngga ada size 14 inch yang pake handgrip, akhirnya dia lah yang kupilih.... ~.

REVIEW : Cottage Tonic Shower Gel [ Grapefruit ]

Helloo theree...

whoaa this whole week is very stressful, but one day, a package come to my place and i've posted this on my Instagram. Yes, a shower gel from Cottage.

Shower gel ini lumayan terbilang baru masuk Indonesia. Pertama kali tau karena waktu itu gue liat review nya di salah satu beauty blogger yang dateng pas launching nya. Langsung penasaran dong, soalnya kemasan produknya unik kayak botol susu gitu, dan berdasarkan reviewnya sih varian wanginya oke banget.

Nah kebetulan pas ketemu Instagramya Cottage [ cottageid ], dia lagi ngadain semacem giveaway, namanya #cottagepasssionweek . Buat 500 [kalo ga salah] pengirim foto pertama bertema passion bakal dapet hampers dari Cottage [ yeaaay gratisan!] hahaha.

Nah setelah sebulan, akhirnya datanglah hampers yang ditunggu-tunggu....

REVIEW : VIVA COSMETIC Lipstick no. 10


Jadi, kemaren gue beli beberapa produk dari Viva buat bikin makeup Lorde  dan salah satunya adalah lipstik nude ini, so.. lest just check this out!

pretty nude color

Celebrity Makeup Inspiration : LORDE from Royals MV

After a lot of consideration, finally, i decided to join the giveaway held by Nindy from Silver Treasure

The rule is you have to re-create a look from celebrity on your choice.
Actually  I was thinking about Lee Hi, and also Sandara Park but I couldn't follow the tutorial well (yes, i search lot of tutorials).

I don't have any idea how to wear eyeshadow, and this is my first attempt to do a full makeup, and yeah some errors here and there....

After looking for some tutorials, i decided to re-create this look by Lorde ^^


REVIEW : NOVA 2 IN 1 Hair Beauty Set


Kali ini gue mau cerita  review catokan yang udah gue beli sekitar dua bulan lalu. Ceritanya gue yang ngga pernah pake catokan kepengen punya tiba-tiba haha... biasalah cewek, suka mau macem-macem tiba-tiba pula..

Setelah pertimbangan nyari yang murah tapi oke, jatuhlah keputusan buat beli nih catokan Nova 2 In 1.
Alesannya : Bisa buat keriting juga lurusin sekalian tanpa harus beli dua catokan ^^

Gue beli di Lazada seharga Rp 112.000 (sekitar itu) dibanding harga di olshop yang gue temuin di Instagram misalnya, ini lumayan lebih murah.
Langsung aja deh... check this out...

My Eyeliner Tutorial

Hey people, today i wanna share how i wear my eyeliner.
I am not a pro, but i do love wearing eyeliner, because it can make your face look different :D

Alexa Chung is one of many celebrity out ther who know how to make cool eyeliner for the eyes, simple but noticable and pretty. 

I use liquid and gel type, here it is...

Products I Regret Buying!

Hey theeereeee!! :D

So the post is obviously about some products that i regret buying, these are some that i purchased a year ago  and earlier this year and i've never use them 2-3 months after i buy it.

The reason? they just don't work as i imagine.

Benton Snail Bee High Content [ Essence & Steam Cream ] Sample 5gr

Recently, my skin is not in a very good condtion :/ redness and pimples everywhere, more at my right cheek and my right chin, also between the eyebrows. 

So, after reading a lot of good reviews about Benton Snail Bee, i decided to try it out, since the price is expensive and i don't know if its working for my face, i decided to buy the sample first. In case it didnt work, i won't dissapoint because the money i spend on this. 

Price/jar : Rp 30.000 
From : IG : kaunainic 

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REVIEW : SILKYGIRL Double Intense Gel Liner

It's June already, feels like just yesterday we celebrated new year eve, and now we even reached June already, been 6 months since new year eve. Can't believe time is running so fast.

For few weeks earlier i've been busy with my thesis :/ and it's frustating, i'm tired physicaly and mentaly.

But, here we are with new review. The product is out a loong time ago but, i just bought it last month, since i usually wear liquid liner than gel type.

how i wear it

VERSUS : MAKEUP REMOVER [ Silky Girl VS Face On Face ]

I decided to make a versus for products that i've been using and see what's the best.
Now it's time for makeup remover, I bought two, they are Silky Girl and Face On Face. They are both drugstore products (of course) very affordable, and works different on my face. Let's see how they work..

REVIEW : Maybelline Color Show Lipstick 108 Party Pink

So yesterday, finally i bought this lipstick from department store nearby, since the price is cheap, why not buy this and try it?

Back when i went home (Tangerang)  few weeks ago, i came to Maybelline counter in Matahari Dept store and i saw a lot of color for this Color Show Lipstick, maybe its about 10 colors.

But when i saw this on CitraLand Semarang, they only have this about 6 colors which is a bit dissapointing because i want to buy the orange one, but they don't have it. There are only some neutral color like pink and nude.

So i bought this color since i don't have bright pink lipstick.

SHOPPING : SuperIndo Ngesrep Semarang

Heyy... akhirnya balik lagi gue ke Semarang setelah libur colongan kemaren seminggu [lumayaan]..
Dan, swalayan SuperIndo yang terakhir gue liat lagi dibangun udah dibuka!
Pengen tau aja sih dalemnya sama harganya, prediksinya sih ga jauh beda sama Carrefour atau Hypermart.

Daann ini dia hasil buruannya :

Place And Food : Mujiagae Korean Food Resto [Serpong]

Heyyyyy kalian penggemar makanan Korea dan mungkin pernah kesini atau tau tentang restoran satu ini. Mujigae, lokasinya di Mall Summarecon Serpong atau SMS. Eh Summarecon Mall Serpong berarti ya? haha ya gitu deh maksudnya.

Jadi, minggu kemaren gue kesini, penasaran denger dari temen gue, yang sering banget kesini. Okee meluncurlah gue ke Serpong.
Tempatnya gampang banget ditemuin, begitu masuk mall-nya, langsung deh ketemu, posisinya diatas Bakerzin.
Sayangnya gue ga sempet foto-foto [ga kepikiran lebih tepatnya].

MY FIRST TIME : Shopping at Berrybenka.com

Heyy yaaa.. akhirnya gue nyobain beli baju di Berrybenka.com dan baru aja sampe paketnya.

Gue pesen atasan peplum, they named it viris top

REVIEW : Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm [ elusive 25 ]

Here's the review about the most expected product this month! (at least i expected). Revlon Colorbusrt Matte Balm!!!

Finally.... i couldnt get this in Semarang :( when first they released in Indonesia, they only sell this in Jakarta and now i think its available in every Revlon counter, since i saw the advertisement today on tv.

Hypermart Mini Haul!!!

Hey yaaaa..!! kemaren, gue jalan-jalan ke Bale kota mall, Tangerang, dari terakhir kali gue kesana kira-kira akhir Februari, isinya kok masih sedikit ya? ga nambah-nambah. Padahal dibanding Tangcity sebenernya gue lebih suka Balekota sih, soalnya adem gitu keliatannya. Konsep mallnya emang kayak garden gitu sih.

Oke, gue juga ke Hypermart nya, liat-liat sekalian beli-beli dikit :p tapi ending-nya malah bikin bete abis belanja dari sono :(... But first, liat dulu deh apa yang gue beli :

REVIEW : Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam

Heyhooo, here comes my next review~ it's étude house cleansing foam from bakinh powder line.
I bought this a long time a go, in January i think, i don't really remember the exact month. But, here we go...

REVIEW : The Face Shop My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint 02 Juicy Red

Heeeyy hooo.... I am back with another review, this time is my favorite makeup item, lip tint!!

And its from The Face Shop. Lately, Korean makeup and beauty stuff is so popular here, in Indonesia. And I've tried some of them, but this time i'll review the lip tint, since its affordable and i like the color when first time i saw this.

I like the color <3

REVIEW : Revlon ColorStay Liquid Foundation [ 180 Nude, Combination/ Oily Skin ]

Next, I'm going to review my favorite liquid foundation. It's Revlon ColorStay!!

I'm not a fan of foundation before i have this, i always use BB cream since its lighter and "nice" for my skin. My skin is combination with acne prone (ughhh), and i have tobe careful of something i'll use for my face or if not, i'll end up with pimples everywhere T__T

Some of them ( with combination and acne prone skin) use this foundation and love this. They said, with affordable price, the foundation gives great coverage and didnt make your skin breakout. Sooooo... as you know, i am just like another girl who loves to try something that people think great, i bought this ... :D

FIRST POST AND REVIEW : [Eyeliner] Wardah & Maybelline Master Liner

Hello ! This is my very first entry for the blog, yeah finally i'm starting to write things and make (again) a new blog.

recently, i've been craving a lot of beauty stuff, make up and skin care but the affordable ones, like local brand or drugstore brand. Yeah i dont have that much money to buy Make Up Forever :/ ( I want their HD foundationnnn!!).

so here is my very first review, and i'll review my old and new eyeliner!!! its from Wardah and Maybelline.

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