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FIRST POST AND REVIEW : [Eyeliner] Wardah & Maybelline Master Liner

Hello ! This is my very first entry for the blog, yeah finally i'm starting to write things and make (again) a new blog.

recently, i've been craving a lot of beauty stuff, make up and skin care but the affordable ones, like local brand or drugstore brand. Yeah i dont have that much money to buy Make Up Forever :/ ( I want their HD foundationnnn!!).

so here is my very first review, and i'll review my old and new eyeliner!!! its from Wardah and Maybelline.

the old one : wardah
the new one ( i recently buy it) : maybelline master liner black


Maybelline  :  when i used this on my eyelid, maybelline is a little bit hard to swatch, the color doesnt come out easily, i need to stroke it at least twice. And its fragile, i broke it twice, first when i bought this and when i do this review ; P hahaha.

Wardah  :  this eyeliner is easy to use since its pencil, and the color is very dark and easy to stroke on the eyelid.

i love how it turned out on my eyelid, both are thick and very dark. BUT, just after a few minutes, Wardah smudges faster than Maybelline.

look at my under line :( i was sweating a bit and, Wardah melts easier. I wont use this for outdoor activities, whether its rainy or sunny day. 


Pros : doesnt smudge easily

Cons : fragile and need to stroke a lot for the color to come out


Pros : easy to use

Cons : smudge easily

Both are very affordable products, i bought the about IDR 30000 or less for Wardah, i can't remember. 
For who want to try to use eyeliner, you can definetely try this. 

Thank you for visiting :D 
xoxo, Tiara.


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