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REVIEW : The Face Shop My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint 02 Juicy Red

Heeeyy hooo.... I am back with another review, this time is my favorite makeup item, lip tint!!

And its from The Face Shop. Lately, Korean makeup and beauty stuff is so popular here, in Indonesia. And I've tried some of them, but this time i'll review the lip tint, since its affordable and i like the color when first time i saw this.

I like the color <3

 Actually it didnt turned out as red as it seen when you wear it on your lips. This is how i wear it,
i apply bb cream before.

And after applying it all over my lips

What I Like : 
  • The color, its pretty and make my lips naturally red :D 
  • water based, so it absorbs quickly and doesnt give oily feeling on my lips
  • the containt could last a long time
What I Don't Like : 
  • After an hour, or two, it dries. So i should put lip balm before i use this
  • Dissapear quickly after drinking or eating, i should re-apply it

Even there are some part that i dont like about the lip tint, i still love them because it doesnt give a feeling like when you wear lipstick. And the color make my lips more natural, if i want to make it more noticable, i just put another layer.

Repurchase? i dont think so, BUT i would like to try another lip tint from another brand such Etude (they have various types )

PRICE : 99.000 IDR 

 I bought this at Paragon Mall Semarang, and they're on sale :D the actual price is about 120.000, i dont really remember. 

But yesterday when i came to the store, i didnt see this product. Discontinue? i dont know.

Thank You for visiting, and please give me some suggestion about what [affordable : drugstore] products i should review. 

Thanks for reading guys


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