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VERSUS : MAKEUP REMOVER [ Silky Girl VS Face On Face ]

I decided to make a versus for products that i've been using and see what's the best.
Now it's time for makeup remover, I bought two, they are Silky Girl and Face On Face. They are both drugstore products (of course) very affordable, and works different on my face. Let's see how they work..

on both hands : [bottom to top]

Maybelline masterliner

silkygirl gel liner
revlon colorstay foundation
maybelline liquid liner
maybelline colorshow lipstick
I pour the product on the cotton pad and put it on my hand for 5 second before i wipe it.
SILKYGIRL : first i wipe the cotton pad and here's the result, some products still there

FACE ON FACE : same result here

But after i wipe again, harder. Both give the same result :



  • It claims : effectively removes all traces of your lip and waterproof eye makeup with no oily residue
I have to say that this is great, but i do feel the oil on my face, and when i was doing this review, i can feel oily on my hand. But, the oily feeling dissapear after few minutes, so i don't think thats a problem. 
  • Doesn't have any smell [ no fragrance]
i dont see alcohol in the ingridients list
  • 55 ML for Rp 20.000 [ watson ]

  • nourishing makeup remover, effective & gently to remove makeup
It doesnt leave oily feeling after i use this, unlike Silkygirl, that's what i love about this. 
  • Alcohol Free, with Fragrance [ smells nice]
i see tea tree oil in the ingridients, and FYI  I've had bad experience with tea tree oil.
Maybe that's why after using this and when I wash my face with Clean n Clear essential foaming wash my face feels itchy and its stings, the feeling when you use lemon on your face. Its annoying and i hate that :(
  • 100 ML for Rp 19.000 [ Hypermart ]


They both work really good, but i have to choose Silky Girl for my current makeup remover.
What i dont like about the Silky Girl, why it's less bigger than Face On Face :\ thats dissapoiting.
Face On Face is good, since its hydrating and contain tea tree, but i just can't use tea tree, thats irritating my skin :/

So, have any of you try both of them? 

thanks for reading!
xo, tarra 


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