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Benton Snail Bee High Content [ Essence & Steam Cream ] Sample 5gr

Recently, my skin is not in a very good condtion :/ redness and pimples everywhere, more at my right cheek and my right chin, also between the eyebrows. 

So, after reading a lot of good reviews about Benton Snail Bee, i decided to try it out, since the price is expensive and i don't know if its working for my face, i decided to buy the sample first. In case it didnt work, i won't dissapoint because the money i spend on this. 

Price/jar : Rp 30.000 
From : IG : kaunainic 

I've been using this for 3 days, i use day and night. Essence first, then the cream. 

Here's my  current skin condition 

huh that redness

The picture is how my face look like after 2 days usage. Not much difference actually, but some of my big pimples are slowly getting smaller. 

But i realize, there are some zits when i woke up in the morning. 

I will finish the product sample and see how my face change (or not?) 
 Maybe it'll take about 2 weeks? or a week from now. 

Let's see and i'll write about it. 

And here's another product i'm using at the same time:

  • Clean&Clear foaming facial wash
  • Clean&Clear essentials oil-control toner
  • Pond's overnight pimple care gel

Thank you for reading :))

update >>>>>>>>>>

after a week using this, i don't see any difference at all. I know, skincare could take month at least, so you can see the result.

but, unfortunately, i break out. 
my period come :/ and as usual, pimples come out and i don't think its safe to use this. I don't wanna end up with horrible break out like a year ago. Gosh, if that happen, i can't use make up and need a lot time to recover, right?

so... i don't think i'll buy this agai (obviously).
i'm envy with all of you guys who already found the right skincare for flawless face :/ 

i really want to get rid of my redness from acne scar and, i dont want any big painful pimple anymore if my monthly guest(?) come :D

so thanks for reading. here's the last pic of my current skin : 


  1. oh no!!! I haven't heard of these products before, but I hope it will help you! XD
    From my experience, the best thing I do when my skin breaks out, is put nothing on it at all. Washing it at least 2-3 times a day and at most, putting some pimple cream ( and a little moisturiser if your skin feels dry )
    I'm inviting you to join my first blog giveaway~ I hope you will join!

- Charmaine

    Charrmyn || Hyosung GoodNight Kiss Makeup Tutorial || Join My Giveaway

  2. thank you for the tips and inviting me, i will definetely join the giveaway :D

  3. dah pernah cobain Mizon ? coba cek IG kita yah :)

    IG : @elsyoungid

    C U

  4. Try using black seed oil (3 drops), with aloe vera gel (chose the best quality) + goat milk soap (with a ph of


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