My Eyeliner Tutorial

11:06:00 AM

Hey people, today i wanna share how i wear my eyeliner.
I am not a pro, but i do love wearing eyeliner, because it can make your face look different :D

Alexa Chung is one of many celebrity out ther who know how to make cool eyeliner for the eyes, simple but noticable and pretty. 

I use liquid and gel type, here it is...

1. Draw a line at the edge of yout lid.
2. make a triangle

3. make a line all over you eyeline
4. fill the blank!

There you are... 

Now, i'll use the liquid type. This one is pretty hard to work with. If you have liquid type with pen shape it's a good news. 

1. draw a line
2. make a triangle
3. draw a line over your eyelash

Fill the blank 


- You can make a imaginary line from your end of your eyebrow to make a line. 
- i always draw a small line on the edge of my lid and then draw another line over my eyelash.
- prepare some q-tip ad eye makeup remover.

so that's how i do my eyeline, i prefer gel eyeliner because its easier.
Thanks for reading :D

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