Products I Regret Buying!

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Hey theeereeee!! :D

So the post is obviously about some products that i regret buying, these are some that i purchased a year ago  and earlier this year and i've never use them 2-3 months after i buy it.

The reason? they just don't work as i imagine.

1. Make Over Corrective Base Makeup (green) IDR 65.000
2. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner IDR 139.000
3. The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion IDR 129.000
4. The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion IDR 169.000 (one of the most expensive skin care i've tried, and didnt work T___T)
5. Maybelline Master Liner Black (bk-1) IDR 35.000

(I dont remember the exact price for The Body Shop, so the price is around that i listed above)

The thing about The Body Shop is not the brand that didn't work for me, I think tea tree is just didn't work well with my skin.

The Tear Tree range claims to heal your blemishes, and especially the tea tree oil (i've tried it too).
And it didnt work at all for me, i break out.

I even bought the tea tree oil twice, cause i believe i might work (just being optimistic :D ) but it blow my hope. 
So, i just stopped. *sigh

But for the lotion, (tube) i still use this sometimes, because the consistency is nice and bit watery, i use this out of my T zone.

next is 
Make Over Corrective Base IDR 65.000

This is an Indonesian brand. Since local brand didn't alway have base makeup, and its green based which is design for correcting redness on your face so i'm pretty excited to try this out.
 After several time, my skin feels more oilier than usual.

My nose feels like tiny slides, its slippery haha. I use glasses, and its not good.
Also, what it claims to reduce rednes, i don't see the difference at all.

Last is Maybelline eyeliner, this one is look good when you stroke it on your hand, but when i did it on my lid, the color just didnt come out. Its hard to apply, i dont know why, is it just me ?

So, yeah for now, these are face product that i regret buying, thanks for reading. Have you try these?

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