REVIEW : SILKYGIRL Double Intense Gel Liner

11:26:00 AM

It's June already, feels like just yesterday we celebrated new year eve, and now we even reached June already, been 6 months since new year eve. Can't believe time is running so fast.

For few weeks earlier i've been busy with my thesis :/ and it's frustating, i'm tired physicaly and mentaly.

But, here we are with new review. The product is out a loong time ago but, i just bought it last month, since i usually wear liquid liner than gel type.

how i wear it

Instead using the brush that come from the product, i use eyeliner brush wardah, because its smoother and a lot easier when i use wardah brush. And the result is better than using the one that come from the product.

using Wardah brush
Conclusion :

- intense black, you don't have to store it thousand times to make it bold
- easy to apply
- cheap
- not really smudge proof, but it doesnt make you look like panda either. so i think it's okay
- easy to remove 

So i read about how to clean the brush at the packaging, it says that you should wipe it with cotton pad with makeup remover to clean it, yesterday i clean the brush with my foaming facial wash and when it dries, the brush is hard :D

gosh i should've read the description on the packaging :D but it turn out well when i wipe it with makeup remover and back to it's original texture :D

thank you.. <3

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