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SHOPPING : Peppercorns Laptop Case 14 inch + handgrip

Heyyy yeaa.... so today, I'm gonna show you what i just bought recently. It's a laptop case, gue lagi butuh case baru yang enak dibawa-bawa. Soalnya, tas laptop gue gede banget, lebih gede daripada laptopnya sendiri yang udah gede [banyak banget gedenya -.-].

so, i've been curious about this brand, it's a local brand from Bandung, Indonesia. The brand also ever featured in some tv program about the uniqueness of the design, and the concept. It is Peppercorns

Because i love purple, i decided to buy this one : 
pic from : peppercornsmonsterland.com

His name is Soondle, grumpy Soondle. Sebenernya gue mau beli yang satu lagi, karena berhubung ngga ada size 14 inch yang pake handgrip, akhirnya dia lah yang kupilih.... ~.

Beginilah penampakan aslinya :

The color actually close to the one from their website, here I can't make it look like the actual color, because of the light. But don't worry, it's the same with the web picture. 

he looks funny >.<
For the design, i really love their design and concept. They named the products, and treat them like pet monsters. The material is velvet, I think you can't wash it? can we?

For the design and concept i'll give 5/5 !!! 
Why? You rarely seen something like this, and it's unique. 

Now move on to another thing that really bother me ...

The grip! 
Oh whyyyy??? I thought it would be something "strong", i mean, i'll carry my laptop, my big laptop. And the grip is so thin, I mean it doesn't even look like something rare, It look cheap, you probably can find this material in a lot of product that sold on the street :/. 

How is the inside :

Why it's so thin?? the function of this is to hold your laptop right?

instead of leather, i think it'll be better using a rubber.
I do love this case, the color, the velvet material, and they even named it. But, nothing is perfect right? 
Disamping kelebihannya, pasti ada kekurangannya :) 

First my expectation of this is the case will be thick and sturdy. But surprisingly, it's very light and thin. 
ignore the background :p
Price : Rp. 175.000 (shipping exclude)

Well for the price, i think it's a bit pricey for a thin and not as sturdy as i think. 
But if its about the design, i really love it, other than that i don't think so. 

Well what do you think?

Thanks for reading~



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