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June and Early July Haul

So today's post is about haul, what ever i've bought recently, about 2 weeks ago and yesterday. So check 'em out!

mmmmm.. okay
These are very cheap products, and you can see viva is very affordable, the eyeshadow is only about IDR 7.000, i'll write the complete price list below :

I threw the receipt, and i don't remember the exact price but i'll try to write it and remember the closest price.

1. eye base gel : IDR 12.000
2. Eye and Lip remover : IDR 7.000
3. Duo Eyeshadow (powdery) : IDR 12.000
4. Cream eyeshadow [ silver and dark brown] : IDR 7.000

The hand&body lotion is free sample, i like the chocolate one but the scent isnt really smell like chocolate, just slightly. 
Oh, i also bought the lipstick but forgot to include it in the picture -.-, but i reviewed it, check that here 

Next is skincare : 

Except for Clean&Clear cleanser, the products i bought here is because of curiosity and hopefully will work on me. I'm trying to get rid of acne scars, the red one, that make my face look like about to burst and the dark one.

Pricelist :

1. Syoss anti-dandruff shampoo 100ml : IDR 6.900
2. Clean&Clear essential foaming wash : IDR 15.500
3. Garnier Pure Active Toner 100ml : IDR 23.300
4. Cottage shower gel ocean blossom : IDR 18.000
5. Sariayu Intensive Acne Care : IDR 14.600
6. Secret Key Snail Repairing Gel Cream : IDR 98.000

I am curious about Garnier toner, Sariayu acne care and Secret Key. Sariayu is for healing your acne, and garnier claims to make your acne, blackheads, whiteheads dissapear within 2 weeks. And for Secret Key, it claims to repair your broken face[?] 

what i think is, i'm gonna use sariayu for healing my active acne, then use garnier toner to reduce the redness, so the gel cream to repair my dry skin, and redness too. Lets see how they'll work on me. 

also, i think i'm going to review the toner first, since it shocked me, when first time i applied it ^^
just wait tomorrow, or tonight i'll post the review. 

Thank you for reading~


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