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My Current Skincare Routine

Hello.. so today i'm going to share what i've been using as my skincare routine for a couple months. I realized, my skin is better now, but still the scars from acne didn't dissapear that easy. But, i am glad that only 2 pimples come out after i use this products regularly.

Most of the products is new for me, i've never tried them before, because usually i use skincare products from my dermatologist. And the bad news is if the products run out, my skin starting to get pimples, lot of pimples.

I don't want to depend on the products from the dermatologist. I need to find products that can make my skin better, hopefully the products is cheap and work well on me. So here i am, with my new skincare products, that currently make my skin better, not best, but i do feel grateful.

I only use basic skincare, because i'm afraid if i use essence, serum, or mask will make my skin breakout and nasty pimples come out. 

This is my morning and night skincare routine. But sometimes, if i wear makeup, i use JF sulfur and Clean&Clear together, in case there are some residue that will make pimple come out. Gosh i really hate pimples [ who doesn't?]

Face cleanser : 
Clean& Clear Essentials Foaming Wash  IDR 15.000 
JF Sulfur Acne Care  IDR 10.000

Toner : 
Garnier Pure Active IDR 23.000 i reviewed this here

Moisturizer :
Secret Key Snail Gel Cream IDR 99.000 [i'll review this soon] 

And for acne cure, i use Sari Ayu Intensive Acne Care, i do love this because it works better than Pond's Pimple Care Gel. But too bad, the package is made from glass, and yesterday i dropped it T_T it crashed into pieces 

oh now, i'll show you my skin condition :

See... the redness from acne scars arent completely disappear. But i am glad there isnt any active red and big pimple :)
this is how my skin condition about a month and half ago :

Phew, i hope those nasty pimples would never come again. But i'm scared when my period come, i'll definitely get pimple, but let's hope this time isn't going to be bad. 

Oh, and the products are easy to get except for Snail cream, i have to order it online, but no worry, a lot seller sell this since its very popular. I also have courage to try this gel cream because of a blog post i read, its from Kornelia Luciana, on her blog : gratefulbeauty.blogspot.com she shared her story of acne. Thank you Lucy! :) it helps me ^^

thaks for reading.... xoxo


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