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REVIEW : Secret Key Snail+EGF Repairing Gel Cream

So, the second post otday is a review about my current favorite gel cream. I use this as moisturizer after toner. First i'm a bit skeptical about this, and also i think twice before buy this, because its made from snail's fluid. I don't know what it called. Ewww i hate snail :((

But, after reading a lot of good reviews, especially reviews from blogger who suffered from acne and how this work well on them. I decided to buy this!

The consistency is not runny, it wont fall if you flip the container.
The scent is nice it doesnt smell funny or weird. Just dont imagine the snail >.< ewww

When i put it on my hand and gently pat it to my face, this gel cream melt right away. For the first second, it does feels a bit sticky, but after a minute i can't almost feel it, but if i touch my face, i does feel something.

But it isnt a problem for me. I've been using this for almost 3 weeks, there's no massive difference but i do feel some acne scars slowly fade. And my redness also reduced. But i still have the scars. Maybe i should wait untill this run out and find how is the difference.

As for moisturizer, i find this isnt quite moisturize. I still feel dryness around my chin but since i have combination skin, it isnt a problem, because during the day my T zone will full of oil :D
The gel type is supposed for oily and combination skin isnt it?

Because this isnt come with spatula, i use a small container to scoop out the product and use the product from this container

height comparison

I bought this from Qoo10 
Price : 99.000 [promo price] 

what i like : 
- the consistency 
- quite affordable
- doesnt make me breakout
- easy to blend/use
- doesnt make my face more oily 

what i hate : 
- doesnt come with hygenic container, tube is better right?

so have you tried this? 

thank you for reading.....!! oh i also post my current skincare routine here


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