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I've been writing on this blog since 2014. So many reviews, so many experiences and stories I have shared. It won't ever stop. So take a look, see how my writings and photos change throughout the years. Hope you like some of them!
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Playing Around With Makeup #1

So, now I tell you, I am not very good with makeup. All i know is only about base makeup [ foundation, little bit concealer], and for eye makeup, eyeliner is the only product I can use very well.

I want to learn how to do makeup properly, and self-learning is all I can do right now. Maybe I'll attend makeup class someday, but not today.

First, I learn how to wear foundation. How to make foundation looks good on your face and cover all those acne scars i have. Currently I use a sponge, makeup sponge to apply my foundation. I wish to buy a foundation brush, but I still search which is the best foundation brush for a beginner.

I'm eyeing Real Technique Expert Face Brush and Coastal Scents Bionic Buffer Brush. Coastal Scents is cheaper, but I don't know which one is better, any suggestions?

REVIEW : Skin Aqua UV Moisture Gel SPF 30 pa++ [ normal to oily skin]

Hello everyone..! This time, i'll review about my very first sunscreen!
After reading some articles about sunscreen i realized, my face needs protection from the sun as well as my body. So, after searching some information about the best sunscreen for my oily-combination skin, i decided to buy this.

FYI, Skin aqua is actually came from the same company like Acnes and Face on Face, they are products from Rohto.

REVIEW : Garnier Oil Clear Astringent

Hello friends... so this Tuesday, I want to tell you about another toner from Garnier. I love my toner from Garnier, you can see that on my skincare routine here

I found this toner a while ago, and because it claims to make your oily face shine-free, so i bought it!

REVIEW : L'OREAL Mat Magique All-In-One Matte Transforming Powder Nude Ivory N1

Heloooo... the product i'm going to review is one of my makeup wishlist. Yep, L'oreal Mat Magique pressed powder. Because i have oily-combination skin, matte product always caught my attention. Months ago i watched a youtube video about this powder, and result is awesome. I thought, why not give it a try.

So, i bought this a month ago, and i've been using this almost everyday. Let's take a look :

Everyday With Simply Stay by Mustika Ratu

Hellloo there, kali ini aku mau review produk asli dari Indonesia, Mustika Ratu. Udah dari jaman dulu banget brand ini berdiri dan produk kosmetiknya ngga kalah oke sama produk kosmetik yang sekarang ini baru bermunculan.

Nah kali ini review disponsori oleh Mustika Ratunya langsung. Baru aja kemaren paketnya dateng, ternyata paketnya lengkap! bayangannya sih ngga semua shade foundationnya ada di paketnya ternyata dari foundation sampe two way cake nya lengkap ^^ horeee....

So let's check this baby out!

beautyful Putri Indonesia 2014 Elvira Devinamira 

just slide it.. 

REVIEW : Silkygirl Eye Opener Waterproof Mascara

I have to admit, this is my first mascara i ever bought!
Yeah i never really interested in mascara as much as i interested in eyeliner. Mascara is the least makeup item that i like. Why? because i am wearing glasses, everyday. And as a glasses girl you may have know the problem, the longer your lashes, it will bother the glasses. It will hit the glasses and feels uncomfortable.

But, however, i found this cheap mascara and interested to buy it! how weak...
let's take a look

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