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Playing Around With Makeup #1

So, now I tell you, I am not very good with makeup. All i know is only about base makeup [ foundation, little bit concealer], and for eye makeup, eyeliner is the only product I can use very well.

I want to learn how to do makeup properly, and self-learning is all I can do right now. Maybe I'll attend makeup class someday, but not today.

First, I learn how to wear foundation. How to make foundation looks good on your face and cover all those acne scars i have. Currently I use a sponge, makeup sponge to apply my foundation. I wish to buy a foundation brush, but I still search which is the best foundation brush for a beginner.

I'm eyeing Real Technique Expert Face Brush and Coastal Scents Bionic Buffer Brush. Coastal Scents is cheaper, but I don't know which one is better, any suggestions?

So, after foundation, now I start to learn how to wear eyeshadow. I think this part is the hardest. I know, there are a lot easy way to apply an eyeshadow. You can simply put one color all over your lid with finger or brush, add some eyeliner, and done.

But I want to learn properly, how to blend two or more colors to make stunning eye.

This is my second attempt to wear eyeshadow, and here it is

okay, don't laugh :p

eyeliner added
What do you think? terrible? haha 
I don't think I shape my brows perfectly too :p

Products used :
Revlon Colorstay Nude
Maybelline Mineral Concealer

From Left : Maybelline Colorshow Party Pink
Silkygirl gel liner
Silkygirl Mascara
Sariayu Brow Pencil Black
Viva Eyeshadow Duo 03
Viva Eyeshadow Cream Silver
Viva Eyeshadow Cream Dark Brown
Viva Blush On Fin Touch 03
Viva Eyeshadow Duo 05

Well, obviously I need a lot to learn ^^ 
What do you think?

Thanks for reading, every comment is appreciated ^^


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