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REVIEW : Garnier Oil Clear Astringent

Hello friends... so this Tuesday, I want to tell you about another toner from Garnier. I love my toner from Garnier, you can see that on my skincare routine here

I found this toner a while ago, and because it claims to make your oily face shine-free, so i bought it!

What it claims: 
Tighten the pores, dy out imperfections and unify your skin

Because I haven't finish my current toner, i only use this a couple times. 
The liquid is clear, no color at all.

The difference of this one with Garnier Pure Active is the smell, the smell is nice, much nicer than the pure active. It also doesn't sting my face.
From the back of the container, you could see there is Salicyl acid, and also Alcohol, so basically it has almost the same ingredients as the pure active.

Let's see about the pore tightening :
 mmmm... i dont see any difference. My pores is still there, very visible.
I don't think this works as it claims. Or maybe after several usage? I don't know, but i expected this would work like primer, haha too high expectation >.<

But i do love this more than the pure active. The scent is good, and the most important it doesn't sting my face. Maybe i'll switch my toner.
Maybe? yes, because it's a bit hard to find, here at Semarang. I have to go to big supermarket to find this, and there's no guarantee i can find it there. *sigh*

Have you tried this?

thanks for reading... xoxo


  1. Seems like an interesting product. They are yet to launch this in India. Would love to try it out. Nicely reviewed dear GIG


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