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REVIEW : Silkygirl Eye Opener Waterproof Mascara

I have to admit, this is my first mascara i ever bought!
Yeah i never really interested in mascara as much as i interested in eyeliner. Mascara is the least makeup item that i like. Why? because i am wearing glasses, everyday. And as a glasses girl you may have know the problem, the longer your lashes, it will bother the glasses. It will hit the glasses and feels uncomfortable.

But, however, i found this cheap mascara and interested to buy it! how weak...
let's take a look

As you can see, the brush is short, its made from plastic and flexible. This kind of brush usually didnt make the lashes separate nicely. 
i didnt use lash curler 

Some lashes stick to each other and its actually not my expectation about the result. 

It actually did pretty good job to keep my lashes curl all day long even without using lash curler. The picture above, i use one coat. 
here is how my lashes look like up close. The lashes stick to each other. 

If you apply this several times, your lashes will look thicker. Because the wand pick a lot of liquid. And you will need to wait a minute to dry. 

I wear glasses everyday, and if i wear this mascara, my lashes will hit the glasses and feels uncomfortable. So i guess it lengthen the lashes. 

When i pour water onto my face, i didnt wipe my face, the mascara fell off a bit. I wont make your eyes look like panda, but there are little black residue under your eyes. You know what i mean right?

For a very cheap mascara, this one is quite good. 
Price : only Rp 30.000 

I bought this at Silky Girl counter in Matahari Dept Store 

Thank you for reading  :)


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