First Impression on Pantene Aqua Pure Shampoo

11:05:00 AM

Hello everyone, earlier this week I bought a shampoo from Pantene, this one is the newest shampoo from them. I've been seeing the comercial on youtube every single time i watch a beauty video *sigh

Damn, this ad always follows me in every video i watched. But, what makes me curious and finally, yes finally bought this is because I know Pantene had similiar kind of this shampoo, no silicone shampoo called Lively Clean, and I also been using this for months.

So, now lets get straight to the point ^^

When first I found this, I thought this one doesnt have the conditioner like the Lively Clean, but I saw the conditioner. So, only the shampoo that doesnt have silicone in it, obviously.

It smells very nice, it's different from another shampoo by Pantene. All Pantene shampoo smell the same but this one is a bit different, nicer and more noticable. And of course this one is the best.

crystal clear
Actually I felt the same after using this hehehe :p 
It's not give any significant difference from other shampoo by pantene, but I do love the scent. And after 2 days i could still smell it, which is I dont find it the same as other shampoo by Pantene. My hair does feel light but of course after 2 days i need to wash my hair again, it so hot lately :(

I didn't buy the conditioner, I think i'll buy the conditioner and wonder how my hair will smells like 
Oh here a picture of Lively Clean shampoo i talked about earlier 

I didn't find it when I bought the Aqua Pure, so I think this one is replaced. Maybe the Aqua Pure is the upgraded version of this. 

PRICE : around Rp. 20.000 @ Hypermart

thanks for reading ^^

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