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My First Foundation Brush !! : Coastal Scents Bionic Top Flat Buffer Brush

Hi everybody! I am really excited today, because Im going to share my experience after using my very first foundation brush.
I've been using sponge to apply my foundation/ bb cream, not a beauty blender, that's tooo expensive. just for a sponge, seriously! haha poor you..

I wanted to buy the real technique actually, but it's more expensive than this brush haha i konw.. i know, there's a lot consideration before purchasing a new thing that i haven't try yet.
So, finally i bought this!

Well I like the size, it's not small and it's maybe a bit heavy, not as heavy as a brick of course! Haha

And because this is my first brush, i don't have any idea how to review this :p i'm sorry. But I could tell you how I feel about this brush. The bristle is soo soft. When first time using this, ooo my God that's feels good! haha

I like it when it touch my skin ^^ 
here's how my face look like before and after applying bb cream using this brush 
Left : Before
Right : After

excuse my dry skin yah.. :p
what i noticed is that the foundation looks more flawless (yeaay)
and also, i didn't waste a lot product when using a brush. When i use the sponge, (maybe) the sponge absorb the product so i ended up using a lot more.

better face 
I loveeeeee love love the brush I can't believe every tool gives different result to your face ^^ I think I have a lot to learn :p

So what's next? oh, I'm thinking a blending brush, i need that for eyeshadow [ yeah still struggling there] 

PRICE : Rp 100.000

Thank you for reading everyone! <3


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