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Nivea Lovely Lips Natural Pink Lip Balm

Hello everyone... pffftt it's almost two weeks (?) I abandoned my blog. This week i've been busy with my thesis, finally my lecturer allowed me to make the second chapter after 2 months struggled with the first chapter.

So, I haven't a chance to go shopping, makeup products especially. But yesterday, finally I went to the mall nearby and decided to buy a lip balm. Actually i havent run out my lip balm yet haha but out of curiousity, as always.. i bought this.

The last time i had a tinted lip balm is years ago, and today i really want one so i bought this.
It's my first time to try tinted lip balm from nivea. 
it claims to give you mousturized lip for 8 hours and makes your lips look gorgeous

first swatch
several swatches
if you want to make the color come out, you have to swatch it several times. But it will also makes your lips look more glossy.

Just like any other lip balm, this one will deinetely makes your lips glossy. But I like how this makes my lips not look too pale and dry.

If you want those lipsticks of your glide smoothly on your lips, exfoliate your lips!
That will make your dry patches gone for good.

Also what i love about this is the smell. It smells sweet like candy, make me want to lick it >.<
So, have you tried this?
what's your favorite lip balm?

PRICE : Rp 18.000

thanks for reading :)


  1. Wah belum pernah coba lipbalm nivea yg ini, mau nyoba ah ~^^



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