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REVIEW : L'Oreal Base Magique Transforming Smoothing Primer

So today's review is a primer. This is not my first primer. I've tried primer from Make Over and not really like it. So, finally i bought this.

I'm really excited to try this >.<

So, this how the box looks :

as you can see above, this product claims to make your pore less visible and make your face smooth,
we'll see if it's true.
So, according to the instruction, you have to rub it on your finger before wear it on the face. 

Let's see how thick it is, yes it's thick like balm 

It's hard to blend. You have to take it little by little.

What do you think? Is it really works as it claims?

My skin definetly feels smoother, like silky smoot, something like that. And it feels nice when I touch it. But I don't think this cover my pore, I can see the pore, yeah but not as clear as without this. 

And also, this make my bb cream looks way better on my face. I have very oily skin on my T-zone. This will hold my oil, and i can apply my bb cream before the oil come out.
You also have to be careful when applying your bb cream/ foundation, this product isn't something that will be absorbed into your skin, so if you rub your skin, the product will peeled off.

The oil control is not that good, this wont make my face matte for a long time. Not when you have oily skin and live in humid place like me.

after 2 hours
What I like :

  • Makes your face feels smoother
  • Easier to apply bb cream/ foundation
  • Not greasy
  • The content is a lot, it will last forever
What I don't like :
  • The oil control is not good
  • Not really cover the pores, but.. okay
  • It's in jar -.- 
  • It's a bit pricey at some place
  • too thick 
I bought this from Lazada and got a good deal, cheaper when there is discount ^^

So what do you think? have you tried this?

Thanks for reading, xoxo


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