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I've been writing on this blog since 2014. So many reviews, so many experiences and stories I have shared. It won't ever stop. So take a look, see how my writings and photos change throughout the years. Hope you like some of them!
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REVIEW : Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme Volcanic Red 675

Hallo dear...
Finally I have a little time to write a review and this time is a lipstick! and this one is my first red lipstick. Because it's cheap and gorgeous, why wouldnt I try it? so I bought this!
This one is from Revlon, their cheapest lipstick and also from their old collection. 

REVIEW : Nivea Med Protection SPF 15

I bought this lip balm because my latest lip balm, nivea essential care is running out. Because this one has spf, I thougt why not try it? ^^
This lip balm is a bit rare to find. Sometimes I can't find it everywhere, but one day it just there. So I can't just find it when i need it. Not too popular maybe?

REVIEW : JF Sulfur Mild Care Facial Wash

Halloooo halo halooo... diitung-itu udah hampir sebulan nih blog ga kesentuh sama sekali humph, apalagi kalo bukan gara-gara skripsi yang menghalangi segalanya :p karena pengen ngejar selesai tahun ini, dan gue baru bab 3[ !] jadi ditinggal dulu deh segala macem aktivitas favorit *hiks.

okay, kali ini produk yang mau gue review adalah sabun cuci muka andalan kalo lagi jerawatan, yes the one and only JF sulfur! ^^
Sebelumnya gue pake yang acne care, and btw JF sulfur ini punya 4 macam jenis sabun kalo ga salah ada acne care, mild care,oily care, dan blemish care. Nah kali ini karena penasaran, dan di bungkusnya dia mengklaim bisa merawat kulit berjerawat dengan lembut, akhirnya gue beli dah ini.

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