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REVIEW : Nivea Med Protection SPF 15

I bought this lip balm because my latest lip balm, nivea essential care is running out. Because this one has spf, I thougt why not try it? ^^
This lip balm is a bit rare to find. Sometimes I can't find it everywhere, but one day it just there. So I can't just find it when i need it. Not too popular maybe?

The color makes it look like a medicine, do you agree? :p
So the expectation is that this could make your chapped lips better, no dry patches.

Seriously,this smells exactly like caramel but not too obvious, and the texture is not as creamy as the essential care. Also when I applied this on my lips, it didnt make my lips wet and doesnt feel sticky. 
I could say this is the driest version of lip balm. 
You know when you apply lip balm, usually it'll leave wet and slick feeling on you lips. This one doesnt feel like that. 

what it claims :

  • moisturize lips longer 
  • soothe chapped lips and helps prevent dryness later
  • protects from UVA and UVB
I've been using this for 2-3 days and it did what it claims. No chapped lips.
Usually 3 days after I exfoliate my lips it starts to dry, but untill now, my lips is fine ^^ which is good. 

Oh, I usually blot my lips  after wearing lip balm and before put on lipstick to get rid of slickness, when I use this, no need to blot my lips. I can wear my lipstick right away.

So, will I purchase it? Yes! If it available when I look for it. 

PRICE : RP 12.000 [ bought this on discount : 9.000 ] from Hypermart.

thanks for reading! ^^


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