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Shopping : New Clutch From MANIKAN !!!

Happy New Year!!!
New year, discounts, and shopping spree... hahaha
Yes, discount all over the places >.< I just can't ... OMG. Okay, but seriously, I planned to spend my money on end year sale and got some stuffs on discount (i'll tell you later) but this one, I've been eyeing this brand for a long time. For me, if I want to buy something from new place (web, brand, etc) I need to start from low price. I dont want to regret if it's going to dissapoint me haha.

So, Manikan is Indonesian brand, they sell clutches, bags, etc and they based in Bali. You can check them at www.manikan.co

I check their instagram because I was searching for a clutch that I'll use on my graduation day ^^ and luckily they have 25% discount for all items, so I checked and I'm in love with 2 clutches actually but decided to buy this silver clutch ( i think this has a name, wait... ) oh, Paperlunch Clutch Silver.

This was IDR 225K and I got this for about IDR 160K and the shipping is freee horay!

Famous Indonesian Fashon Blogger Anastasia Siantar
how it looks like in their IG account

I ordered online on Friday and arrived on Monday. There are no confirmation from them about shippiing, whether they have shipped the item and no track number either (kinda dissapointed). Because I thought, did my payment confirmation has checked by them or they havent check it. But I always wait for a week for something like this before call them and ask about my order.

There's nothing special from the package except i quite like the canvas bag (or draw string) that came with the clutch. 

Rolled : Front and Back 

Unrolled : Front and Back 

inside the fabric is velvet like, soft and smooth :p

The size is as big as a magazine like Go Girl! if you put the magazine inside, there is a space left so you can close the clutch. I thought it'll be a bit bigger, the width and the length as it seen in their instagram and how it looks when Anaz held it (see picture above) 

details : manikan logo and tribal pattern
The pattern is not really noticable from far, but on the other color like pink or gold, the pattern is more noticable. But I love silver so, I don't think about it that much.

There is also a strap, so if you're too lazy to cary with your hand, it can be useful. 
I would say this clutch can be used whenever you bring only your essentials like phone, purse, or a wallet. It's not strong enough if you put too much things in it. It's a clutch anyway.

So, I'm satisfied with the product, altough it could be bigger or wider.
But I don't like the order process. I can't track my order, I don't know whether they have sent it. I hope they could improve that. And also the web, I don't like the font haha (okay that's personal taste) but seriously, don't use sans serrif :( 

so, thank you for reading... have you bought something from manikan? share! 
see you~


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