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Heyy everyoneee ^^ So excited finally I have few free days well it's holiday anyway. Hahaha yep, you might wanna know what's happening :p Well here's a news for you, I passed my thesis defence yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooohooooooo after days of hard work and bags under my eyes :p
so I'm officially S.I.Kom beibeeeh
it's a ritual for students in my faculty, silly but, why niot? hehehe

thank you pals <3 

Selamat buat kalian juga yang lulus ujian, sidang skripsi, or even got a job!! yeay! we end this year beautifully. 

Okay, now enough for the excitement. Let's get to what I'm going to review next.

These are new items I bought last month and earlier this month. Some are great and some are dissapointing. 

Makeup :

  • Lashes : 
This is sooo cheap, only Rp. 2500 but without a glue and a box. Iya begitu aja dikasihnya haha, namanya juga murah beli di Chandra Semarang. Tau lah yaa nih toko dandan paling hits di Semarang.
  • Ranee cream eyeshadow (transparant) Rp. 17.500
Eyeshadow krim ini kedua setelah viva yang gue beli. Ternyata Ranee punya juga, dan isinya lebih banyak. Gue niatnya mau cari primer eyeshadow lokal, eh temen gue merekomendasikan nih eyeshadow. Produknya sendiri sih ngga mengklaim ini sebagai primer, tapi warnanya transparan gini, terus apa dong? hehehe
  • Strawberry nail polish ( coklat susu ) 11.000
Not really a makeup, but It colors your body so... 
  • Sariayu Brow Pencil (black) 15.000
My first brow pencil (can you believe it??? haha finally)
  • Just Miss Liquid Eyeliner (black) 22.000
beli dari konternya strawberry, tau kan makeup yang dijual disitu? nah yang begitu 
  • Rivera Lipstick ( velvet violet ) 32.000
can't wait to tell you about this! 

Face and Body Care 

  • Herborist Body Scrub (Milk) around 15.000 rupiah
almost run out of this :/
  • Clean & Clear Cleanser 18.000 
a subtitute of my clean & clear cleanser that i alway use 
  • Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Mask 13.000 
they say this is good for acne prone and oily skin, so i grabbed this. hhmmmm
  • Imperial Leather Body Mist (white princess) 
newest product from Imperial Leather, so now they also produce body mist. 

actually i bought a lot last month but some are products that i already reviewed and product that i use in my daily routine. 

now, wait for the reviews, I'll post it tomorrow or maybe  tonight ^^ thanks for reading everyone. 



  1. Omaigat kakak anak undip? Literally aku lg bengong first day kerja dan iseng googling trus ktmu blog kakak! Shenangnyaaa

    1. Hii, iya aku di Undip. Kamu juga lulusan Undip?


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