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March Haul and Upcoming Reviews!

Hey everyone!

I'm not the kind that always continously post about a haul. Because, I'm trying not to spend money every single month for cosmetics ( damn that's hard) But it's not that hard when I don't have money :p. So, I notice that I bought several items this month, some are something I really need and others are because I want it. Let's take a look...

I ran out my makeup remover, usually I use the one from Face on Face but this time I'm back using SilkyGirl. The one with green cap is a mistake and curiosity (I'll tell you later). 

SilkyGirl Eye&Lip Makeup Remover : Rp. 18.000
SilkyGirl Hydra Clean : Rp. 20.000
Wardah Acne Gel : Rp. 19.000

Also, I bought Wardah Acne Treatment gel because mine is ran out. Previously I used Sariayu, ah I haven't got time to review that, but I will! Okay! Stay tune.

SilkyGirl Eyeliner Pen : Rp. 49.900
SilkyGirl Lip Liner Nude : Rp. 39.900
Powder : free

The most recent purchase, it's from Silky Girl (again). They have a promotion, when you buy something for 70.000 you'll get free face powder or a compact powder. I chose this loose powder because I still have my L'Oreal Matt Magique.

from left to right :
Nutrafor : Rp. 125.000 for 30 pills
Miranda : around Rp. 7.000
JF Sulfur Acne Care : Rp. 9.000
Natur Shampoo : Rp. 9.000

For skin care, I bought Nutrafor White Beauty (the pink pills, I lost the box), before this I tried Nurishskin and it worked good on me when I have pimples, so I think maybe this one will work too, let's see. 

Next is hair vitamin from Miranda, I used the one with aloe vera and looooveee the scent, so I think I'll try another scent.

The third is JF Sulfur! I know, you guys love this as much as I do (sotooy) hahaha because it's the most popular post on my blog! for almost a year. I'll review this soon.

The last is shampoo from Natur, I tried this before a looooong time ago. My hair have been falling a lot and I'm scare that I'm gonna be bald! OMG! I hope this works on me. Although I think I should've bought the one with aloe vera. 

price : Rp 11.000

Last but not least.... nail polish! 
Some of my nail polish is drying and I'm going to throw them T_T. I had maroon once and I think why not buy it again. 

So, those are products I bought this month and I will review each of them, you just sit and follow this blog so you won't miss when it posted! 
Thank you for reading!


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