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REVIEW : Ellips Hair Vitamin with Pro-Keratin Complex

Hey everyone! Have you heard about this hair vitamin? I bet you have tried this, most of us, women always try to make our hair smoother and use this kind of hair vitamin because it easy to use and also verryy affordable, right? 

Ellips is very famous for it's hair vitamin, and this is their newest product. I saw some bloggers posted about this and also there's a blogging competition. But, yeah I hadn't got time to buy this. Today, I'm going to tell you how this stuff works on me.

What's new about this is I think they add keratin in it (you can obviously read it, duh). I bought the one that for dry and damaged hair. 

What it claims :

Hair will looks healthier, shiny and feels more manageable even from the first application. 

How to use : 

It says that you should use this on lightly towel-dry hair. 

I have thin, curly, and quite dry hair so this tiny tear shaped size is enough for twice application. If you have thick and long hair, I believe this only can be used once. 

I always use this before, the old version after my hair completely dry. So, It's kinda weird when first time I applied this on my half dried hair ( as direction ). 
After my hair dry, it didn't do it's job to make my hair softer. I believe it's because I applied it when my  hair wasn't completely dry. Damn, just use this when your hair already dry! seriously it works better that way.

Did my hair stay soft for a long time? No.
It only made my hair soft for a day, the next day I need to re-apply. 

I only use this if I want to go out because I don't think it's necessary to use this every single day, right? hehehe. So, have you tried this? or do you have a holy grail hair vitamin? tell me! 

Thanks for reading ^^

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