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Viva Eye Shadow Cream in Coklat Dark & Silver [ Review & Swatch ]


How's everyone? I am fine, and yeah just like another day, my days filled with writing articles and applying jobs. And it's frustrating T_T but, you got to do what you got to do right?
Anyway, this time I'll review an eye shadow from local product, it's Viva and you guys must be very familiar with this brand. 

Kalian juga mungkin pernah tau eye shadow dalam bentuk krim seperti punyanya Maybelline, they named it Color Tattoo. Nah, Viva ini punya juga eye shadow krim yang pastinya jauh lebih murah dari Maybelline. Selain Viva, produk lokal yang punya eye shadow krim itu Ranee. I bought two shades of this : coklat dark and silver. Jangan tanya kenapa namanya coklat dark bukannya dark chocolate atau apalah gitu yang lebih enak didenger haha. 

Apakah produk lokal yang satu ini bisa menyaingi produk luar ? Keep reading!

REVIEW : JF Sulfur Acne Care


This one is the most popular soap out there to help you with your acne, also my post about other version of this is the most visited of all my posts. It's the one and only JF Sulfur! yeay! 
This time, versi JF Sulfur yang akan gue bahas adalah yang Acne Care, which is claimed to cure your acne in 2 weeks! whoaa that sounds good. Now, let's keep reading!

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