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I've been writing on this blog since 2014. So many reviews, so many experiences and stories I have shared. It won't ever stop. So take a look, see how my writings and photos change throughout the years. Hope you like some of them!
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Review : Hada Labo Labo CC Cream Ultimate Anti Aging Elegant Beige


This one is a bit different. I got the product from Yukcoba.in and it's free. If you like to try some products for free and love to share the experience you have with it, you should check the page (this is not sponsored :p )

Actually I've reviewed the item there but I'm going to write it also in this blog in English. If you want to read it in Indonesian, check this link : http://www.yukcoba.in/review/hada-labo-cc-cream-ultimate-anti-aging-elegant-beige/327   

I Need To Tell You Something...

Isn' t it the most terrifying words? I hate it when someone says that. It's like I vae some mistake and I need to hear something bad because of it. But, no.. This isn't a bad thing that I'll tell you.  Well, things happen for the last 2 months and hell I don't even notice, 2 mo…

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