I Need To Tell You Something...

2:35:00 PM

Isn' t it the most terrifying words? I hate it when someone says that. It's like I vae some mistake and I need to hear something bad because of it. But, no.. This isn't a bad thing that I'll tell you. 
Well, things happen for the last 2 months and hell I don't even notice, 2 months has been passed. These things that happen to me is a bit overwhelming, it's frustrating but sometimes give me joy. 

That's probably one of many reasons I haven't got a chance to write for this blog again. I miss it so much, I miss my time when I could write reviews or share some shopping experiences into this blog. But working have been taking my time, a lot and I haven't (couldn't) find how to manage my time to write again. 

My place right now even have very bad connection, it sucks! I need to move somewhere, but finding a new place is harder than moving. 

Okay, what I'm going to tell you is that I want to fill this blog with more various content. I mean, I want to write about other things. Maybe movie reviews or some my activities ( excluding Working ). This doesn't mean I won't write about beauty reviews, I will still write about it ( I love it!) but I think this changes will make my "writing" place more varies (okay, smile everyone! ^^ )

Okay, that's it. I should've write something useful after MIA for a month *sigh 
I promise I'll write some fun stuffs next time you see an update in this blog *cheers 

thanks for reading

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