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Review : Hada Labo Labo CC Cream Ultimate Anti Aging Elegant Beige


This one is a bit different. I got the product from Yukcoba.in and it's free. If you like to try some products for free and love to share the experience you have with it, you should check the page (this is not sponsored :p )

Actually I've reviewed the item there but I'm going to write it also in this blog in English. If you want to read it in Indonesian, check this link : http://www.yukcoba.in/review/hada-labo-cc-cream-ultimate-anti-aging-elegant-beige/327   

I'm not sure if this one is the full size, since it's quite small (only 25gr) please tell me if you know about this. It comes with a tube and flip cap which is very good package for base product. Spill free and travel friendly. This CC cream promises a lot! from anti  aging to UV protection. I always skeptical about benefits that make up products promise. I mean, it's make up, not a skin care. You don't always wear it every time.

Back to the product, this one contains Hyaluronic Acid and retinol to make your face "perfect" .. hmm okay.  Next, let's see the product :

First thing I notice is the smell! OMG it smells horrible :( It's almost like chinese medicine or jamu which I don't like. Okay, next.. the texture is a bit thick, it won't fall if you flip your hand. But, this one is pretty easy to blend. You can blend it with your finger, but I still love to blend it with my brush. 

After I put it on my face and blend it nicely and even, the smell gone. So, don't worry if it would cling for a long time, because it won't. It also feels nice on the skin, I don't feel heavy or itchy at all. Good.

Here how it look like on my face. Sorry for really weird face -_- look like I was drunk -_-

It did cover my redness but you can still see some of my acne scars there. It's good for everyday use, doesn't feel heavy, and the smell gone once applied on the face. I won't wear this to party or any events that need full make up coverage. 

So, have your tried this one? I don't think I'll repurchase. Thanks for reading

price : around 70.000
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