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Bioderma Hydrabio Brume Review


How's your day? Let's freshen up or day with a facial spray shall we?
A week ago I received this facial spray as a gift from Stella Lee's giveaway at her Instagram. I rarely join a giveaway nowadays because I've never win those after I stopped years ago. And I was happy to know that I was picked as the winner! 

But sad thing is, the Bioderma Hydrabio Brume I recieved is in smaller size ( I expected it'll be the big size as seen on Stella Lee's picture) anyway, that's ok, this is a freebie so, don't complain, okey? 

I got 50 ml size which perfect for travelling, it's light and the cap isn't easy to open ( plus and minus ). The color is refreshing as it is a facial spray, and I expect something fresh. 

Precisely dosed refreshing cleansing water which soothes and enhances the comfort of the most sensitive skin types

This is supposedly make your sensitive and (probably) itchy face calm down during the day. For someone who has oily skin and acne prone skin like me, this sounds like a savior. Oh, it can be used for body too!

It's free from fragrance, alcohol, and non - comedogenic, babies can use it too, so it's perfectly safe for your skin. Foe complete ingredients, you can click the image above, kay?

First time I apply this, well it feels like water (duh!). It is refreshing, no sticky, oily, and anything weird on my face. But I do notice when I spray this, the bottle will be a little slant (you get me?) and it's dripping, the water is dripping a bit and make my hand wet. I don't know how about you guys, please tell me. 

Then, when sprayed, the particles isn't so fine, I still can feel big (?) drops like the regular spray, and this one is aerosol type, in case I miss mentioning that. But, it's still ok for me.


Well I must say this is refreshing and calming. When my face start to feel greasy, I spray this and the problem solved. Also it dries quite fast, so don't worry about wet looking face hehehe. 
It also says that the spray can make your make up stays longer, and I don't see any difference using this, my powder foundation still look the same as when I wear it without this. For my redness, I see it helps a bit, not significantly make my redness dissapear. 

For a facial spray, this is pricey. You know, Bioderma is mid brand so still make sense if this one, for 50ml you have to pay around 99000 IDR and bigger size, 300ml for 200K IDR. Fortunately I got this for free, and it's nice to try this. Thank you Stella!

Have you tried facial mist before? Tell me your stories, I would like to try different facial mist from another (cheaper) brand. 

price : around 99000 IDR for50ml
200K IDR for 300ml
where to buy: sociolla, guardian, etc that sells Bioderma

Thanks for reading


  1. Great hydration, love the product, but, aerosol pressure runs out leaving half the liquid in can,wasting product,faulty spray pump, Bought item 3 times, same problem. Spray cans need improvement.

    1. yeah, not a fan of aerosol packaging for facial mist


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