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I've been writing on this blog since 2014. So many reviews, so many experiences and stories I have shared. It won't ever stop. So take a look, see how my writings and photos change throughout the years. Hope you like some of them!
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Koreabuys Beauty Makeup Box | Soft Eye Makeup Look

I’m back with a very interesting product today, well at least for me because I haven’t tried it yet although it’s been all over places. Every beauty blogger I believe has experienced it at least once. It’s a beauty box! 

I'm interested to have one, but I always hesitate to buy. Because of the products I'll get, is the money I spent for the box is worth it. Then I decided to pick a box that I really want, and it's from Koreabuys. If you haven’t known about Koreabuys, let me tell you, it’s an online shop that sells all related to Korean stuffs. From cosmetics, clothing, accessories, and many more. This time they came with a beauty box! You’ll get random products in a box, it’s like a surprise prize and since this box I got is from Koreabuys, all products are Korean cosmetics! Yeay!!

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