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Lalala Festival : The Infamous Forrest Festival in Bandung, How It Went This Year?

Hola 2018!

Gosh, last year was a wreck! Can't even function to write the blog again. Now I have some free time to write and feel the excitement of writing a blog. Hopefully this will last a long time. Okay, I don't want to talk a lot, last week I went to Lalala Festival. For you who don't know what it is, well this music festival is known by its unique venue, the forest. Yes, it held in a forest up in the hill, at Lembang. Can you imagine?

As we know, Lembang will always rain no matter the season is. Let alone in March, when it's rain show time in Indonesia. Last year was a mess, everyone I know told me that. Even when I told my friends I'll go this year, they warned me and even asked me to bring pair of boots. Well, I didn't, I just don't want to be bothered.

The Lineup
This is why I need to go to Lalala Festival this year. Oh Wonder and Tom Odell are coming! Damn, that's rare. Plus, I got privilege to cover the events (yeay to free tickets!). Beside Oh Wonder and Tom Odell, there are Bondax, Bear, RKCB, and Indonesian artists such as Dipha Barus and The Groove.

The Venue
It still takes place at Orchid Forest, Lembang about 5 km from Rumah Makan Mang Engking. My friends warned me to bring my own raincoat and boots! They said it'll be messy. Well, that didn't scare me, if not for Oh Wonder and Tom Odell! Haha.

The Day!
Stupid me, I missed my train! I woke up late, and ended up went to Bandung by Travel Bus. And thank God, there weren't any traffic jam. I made it to Bandung around 4pm and ordered Gojek to the hotel I stayed, my friend already there and was waiting me with big laugh, ahaha. I arrived around 6pm to the venue and it was one hell of a venue! The distance between two stages was quite far and just like trekking, it's exhausting.

The Performance
The first artist I saw was The Groove, they always live up the atmosphere. It was a good start. On to the second performance, we watched Tom Odell!

photo by @satriyonegoro

Tom Odell performed in the same stage, so I didn't have to climb up to the stage 1. It's a bit long time waiting Tom Odell team set up the stage. Until finally, he showed up. Omg, can't believe I can be super close to him, since it's not that crowded.

His voice was as good as I hear it from Spotify playlist. His piano skill and the music were great. BUT, I don't like his performance act. I don't know why every time he finished the song, he needed to take a break with no music at all. I thought it was because technical errors, but turned out he was doing it in every songs. Hmm.. confusing, actually. And a bit disappointing because I expected a lot from him. At the end of the performance, he just walked away after saying thank you. Well, well.. we still have Oh Wonder next. Don't be sad.


This one, I didn't expect to be THAT great at all. Oh Wonder was killing it! Josephine and Anthony gave so much energy to the crowd and I liked it a lot. Their songs are super chill and slow but spite of that, they performance was so energetic. Especially Josephine, the cheerful one. Love you!

They sang their hit songs, such as Without You, All We Do, Lose It, etc. At the end of the performance they made a little gimmick to leave the stage and made the crowd srceamed "we want more" (we knew it was staged). But my friend said it's not that smooth so you could tell it's staged. Well.. I don't care, hahaha. I enjoyed very much their performance!

I ended the night watching Bondax, but unfortunatelly was too tired and the crowd wasn't that enthusiast. So we decided to go back to the hotel. My train back to Jakarta scheduled on 8am btw.

Overall Experience?
Lalala festival this year was okay if not great. The biggest downside is the crowd actually, idk why they aren't that enthusiast haha. Probably because the venue is a "super chill" place. Or because it's held at Bandung?

The performances themselves were great, especially Oh Wonder. But the first stage was small, makes it didn't feel like a concert.
And lastly, thank God the rain falls for less than an hour, so that muddy ground didn't bother us a long time. And, yes, I bought my own raincoat, it's cheaper than if you buy it on the concert.

Lalala Fest was great, and I'm satisfied! Would I back again? Depend on the lineup, but for the venue? Err.. please move it to somewhere else!

Also check out my IG to see some pictures. Those are my friend's pic, I can't embed mine huft. 


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