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Hey, It's Tarra

I've been writing on this blog since 2014. So many reviews, so many experiences and stories I have shared. It won't ever stop. So take a look, see how my writings and photos change throughout the years. Hope you like some of them!
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Pink Mania | One Color Makeup Collab Beautiesquad


This one is a bit different, I joined One Color Makeup Collab with the one and only Beautisquad! Gue memilih warna pink buat kolab ini. Apa aja produk dan ide dari kolab gue ini? Keep scrolling!

Tinder dan Baper


Tulisan seperti ini gak akan masuk blog Heytarra sebenernya. Karena niat awal bikin Heytarra ya buat bahas beauty dan kehidupan kerja. But hey, this is my blog dan banyak hal menarik yang bisa gue bahas di sini. So I decide to write what's been buzzing in my mind lately, and it is Tinder dan kebaperan cewek-cewek.

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