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Rimbun Canggu Hotel Review | Hotel Instagramable di Bali

Bali, Indonesia
This is my second time to Bali in 2019. I found a new cute hotel.

Canggu is my go-to place to stay while in Bali. Nah Rimbun Canggu Hotel ini gak sengaja gue temuin waktu beli tiket di website AirAsia. Mereka masuk kategori baru, karena ternyata emang baru dibuka tahun ini. Right off the bat, Rimbun Canggu Hotel is going to by my favorite place! Is it live up to my expectation? Keep reading!

First Look
Located near Batu Bolong Beach, Rimbun Canggu Hotel is surrounded by bars and cute cafes. Menurut gue sih pas banget lokasinya di pinggir jalan tapi gak terlalu dekat sama keramaian bar dan restoran di Canggu. Rimbun Canggu Hotel ini kayaknya satu grup sama Kinuwa Resto. Nah emang awalnya bikin bingung pintu masuknya. Tapi gue waktu itu masuk lewat Kinuwa terus tembus langsung ke resepsionis.

Resepsionisnya outdoor gitu, dan dari bagian ini kalian udah bisa liat pemandangan pool dan kamar hotel dari atas yang sering ada di website-website kayak Traveloka dan lainnya. Cakep banget, sejuk gitu loh, banyak daun hahaha. Greens, big pool, minimalist design are my thing :). The process was smooth, you'll get welcome drink, mine was orange juice.

The Room
room and the view

If you think those rooms (in pic) are the 1st floor, you're wrong. The 1st floor is actually in parallel with the pool. So you can't get pool view. And you have to walk down the stair to get to your room. I don't know the view from there but from the look of it, it's quite bushy. Mine was on second floor. Which facing right to the pool.

I booked Superior King Room for two days + breakfast.

Kalau ngeliat foto-foto di Agoda dan lain-lain, desain kamarnya retro gitu ya. And when I got in, it actually not that spacious. Daaaan, kasurnya bukan King, tapi medium yang dijadiin dua. Gue gak inget ranjangnya gimana ya, tapi yang jelas ada celah di antara dua kasur. They are in the same linen sih, cuma ya ada celah. Aneh aja hahaha. Terus bagian kamar mandi, shower dan poopy area jadi satu. Begitu juga dengan wastafelnya. So expect wet-y area. Yang gak enak dengan kamar mandi model begini adalah, pas mau pake kloset, lo harus basah-basahan kalau kamar mandinya abis dipake mandi. Sebenernya cukup luas sih area showernya. Cuma kalau dibreak down, ya memang ga bisa dipisah lagi itu kloset dan wastafelnya.

Plus Point: Ada hairdryer! (the kind that dry your hair just okay, not that hot salon type)

The Pool

I got a chance to try the pool in the morning after breakfast. They provided you with towel. The pool itself is not as wide as it seems. Why? Because half of it is for kids, so you, adults only got the other half, it's 1.5 meter deep. It was okay tbh, oh ya don't forget to take pictures on its famous glass area. But your partner needs to go downstairs to take the picture.

After all, for roughly Rp 400k a night, this hotel was worth it. I would definitely come back here again. Only for the room and surroundings. I don't like the breakfast tho, it's quite basic, I would rather go find some nasi campur, or order food from GoFood.

What do you think? Kalian punya rekomendasi hotel instagramable di Bali yang oke buat gue coba? Please let me know!
Rimbun Canggu Hotel
Pantai Batu Bolong St No.55, Canggu, North Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali 80351
Price: Around Rp 400k/night (price may vary)
Agoda is cheaper the last time I checked
or book through Airbnb with 40$ Off here https://www.airbnb.com/c/dinit8?currency=GBP

thank you for reading


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