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Sabtu, 02 Mei 2015

REVIEW : JF Sulfur Acne Care


This one is the most popular soap out there to help you with your acne, also my post about other version of this is the most visited of all my posts. It's the one and only JF Sulfur! yeay! 
This time, versi JF Sulfur yang akan gue bahas adalah yang Acne Care, which is claimed to cure your acne in 2 weeks! whoaa that sounds good. Now, let's keep reading!

Selasa, 21 Oktober 2014

REVIEW : JF Sulfur Mild Care Facial Wash

Halloooo halo halooo... diitung-itu udah hampir sebulan nih blog ga kesentuh sama sekali humph, apalagi kalo bukan gara-gara skripsi yang menghalangi segalanya :p karena pengen ngejar selesai tahun ini, dan gue baru bab 3[ !] jadi ditinggal dulu deh segala macem aktivitas favorit *hiks.

okay, kali ini produk yang mau gue review adalah sabun cuci muka andalan kalo lagi jerawatan, yes the one and only JF sulfur! ^^
Sebelumnya gue pake yang acne care, and btw JF sulfur ini punya 4 macam jenis sabun kalo ga salah ada acne care, mild care,oily care, dan blemish care. Nah kali ini karena penasaran, dan di bungkusnya dia mengklaim bisa merawat kulit berjerawat dengan lembut, akhirnya gue beli dah ini.

Jumat, 11 Juli 2014

My Current Skincare Routine

Hello.. so today i'm going to share what i've been using as my skincare routine for a couple months. I realized, my skin is better now, but still the scars from acne didn't dissapear that easy. But, i am glad that only 2 pimples come out after i use this products regularly.

Most of the products is new for me, i've never tried them before, because usually i use skincare products from my dermatologist. And the bad news is if the products run out, my skin starting to get pimples, lot of pimples.

I don't want to depend on the products from the dermatologist. I need to find products that can make my skin better, hopefully the products is cheap and work well on me. So here i am, with my new skincare products, that currently make my skin better, not best, but i do feel grateful.