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Selasa, 28 Oktober 2014

REVIEW : Nivea Med Protection SPF 15

I bought this lip balm because my latest lip balm, nivea essential care is running out. Because this one has spf, I thougt why not try it? ^^
This lip balm is a bit rare to find. Sometimes I can't find it everywhere, but one day it just there. So I can't just find it when i need it. Not too popular maybe?

Kamis, 18 September 2014

Nivea Lovely Lips Natural Pink Lip Balm

Hello everyone... pffftt it's almost two weeks (?) I abandoned my blog. This week i've been busy with my thesis, finally my lecturer allowed me to make the second chapter after 2 months struggled with the first chapter.

So, I haven't a chance to go shopping, makeup products especially. But yesterday, finally I went to the mall nearby and decided to buy a lip balm. Actually i havent run out my lip balm yet haha but out of curiousity, as always.. i bought this.

Jumat, 09 Mei 2014

Hypermart Mini Haul!!!

Hey yaaaa..!! kemaren, gue jalan-jalan ke Bale kota mall, Tangerang, dari terakhir kali gue kesana kira-kira akhir Februari, isinya kok masih sedikit ya? ga nambah-nambah. Padahal dibanding Tangcity sebenernya gue lebih suka Balekota sih, soalnya adem gitu keliatannya. Konsep mallnya emang kayak garden gitu sih.

Oke, gue juga ke Hypermart nya, liat-liat sekalian beli-beli dikit :p tapi ending-nya malah bikin bete abis belanja dari sono :(... But first, liat dulu deh apa yang gue beli :