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Minggu, 25 Mei 2014

REVIEW : Maybelline Color Show Lipstick 108 Party Pink

So yesterday, finally i bought this lipstick from department store nearby, since the price is cheap, why not buy this and try it?

Back when i went home (Tangerang)  few weeks ago, i came to Maybelline counter in Matahari Dept store and i saw a lot of color for this Color Show Lipstick, maybe its about 10 colors.

But when i saw this on CitraLand Semarang, they only have this about 6 colors which is a bit dissapointing because i want to buy the orange one, but they don't have it. There are only some neutral color like pink and nude.

So i bought this color since i don't have bright pink lipstick.

Jumat, 09 Mei 2014

MY FIRST TIME : Shopping at Berrybenka.com

Heyy yaaa.. akhirnya gue nyobain beli baju di Berrybenka.com dan baru aja sampe paketnya.

Gue pesen atasan peplum, they named it viris top

REVIEW : Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm [ elusive 25 ]

Here's the review about the most expected product this month! (at least i expected). Revlon Colorbusrt Matte Balm!!!

Finally.... i couldnt get this in Semarang :( when first they released in Indonesia, they only sell this in Jakarta and now i think its available in every Revlon counter, since i saw the advertisement today on tv.