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Minggu, 26 April 2015

REVIEW : Silky Girl Hydra Clean Makeup Remover

Hello everyone! I'm back with a new review and again from Silky Girl. Their products is verry afordable and as good as the famous Maybelline bahasanya harga bersaing gitu deh. But, Silky Girl has more cheaper products than Maybelline, agree? 

Okay, I've tried their make up remover, the one with oil based. One day, I found this make up remover, I thought this is new and since I ran out my make up remover, I bought this. But, this one surprised me! why? keep reading ..

Minggu, 19 April 2015

REVIEW : Silky Girl Precision Sharp Eyeliner Pen 01 Blackest Black

I am really happy finally I bought a pen eyeliner! I didn't know if Silky Girl has a pen eyeliner before. But few days ago, when I went to the counter and asked about pen eyeliner the BA said they have it! and it's very affordable.

Sabtu, 30 Agustus 2014

Playing Around With Makeup #1

So, now I tell you, I am not very good with makeup. All i know is only about base makeup [ foundation, little bit concealer], and for eye makeup, eyeliner is the only product I can use very well.

I want to learn how to do makeup properly, and self-learning is all I can do right now. Maybe I'll attend makeup class someday, but not today.

First, I learn how to wear foundation. How to make foundation looks good on your face and cover all those acne scars i have. Currently I use a sponge, makeup sponge to apply my foundation. I wish to buy a foundation brush, but I still search which is the best foundation brush for a beginner.

I'm eyeing Real Technique Expert Face Brush and Coastal Scents Bionic Buffer Brush. Coastal Scents is cheaper, but I don't know which one is better, any suggestions?

Jumat, 15 Agustus 2014

REVIEW : Silkygirl Eye Opener Waterproof Mascara

I have to admit, this is my first mascara i ever bought!
Yeah i never really interested in mascara as much as i interested in eyeliner. Mascara is the least makeup item that i like. Why? because i am wearing glasses, everyday. And as a glasses girl you may have know the problem, the longer your lashes, it will bother the glasses. It will hit the glasses and feels uncomfortable.

But, however, i found this cheap mascara and interested to buy it! how weak...
let's take a look

Senin, 16 Juni 2014

My Eyeliner Tutorial

Hey people, today i wanna share how i wear my eyeliner.
I am not a pro, but i do love wearing eyeliner, because it can make your face look different :D

Alexa Chung is one of many celebrity out ther who know how to make cool eyeliner for the eyes, simple but noticable and pretty. 

I use liquid and gel type, here it is...

Kamis, 05 Juni 2014

REVIEW : SILKYGIRL Double Intense Gel Liner

It's June already, feels like just yesterday we celebrated new year eve, and now we even reached June already, been 6 months since new year eve. Can't believe time is running so fast.

For few weeks earlier i've been busy with my thesis :/ and it's frustating, i'm tired physicaly and mentaly.

But, here we are with new review. The product is out a loong time ago but, i just bought it last month, since i usually wear liquid liner than gel type.

how i wear it

Minggu, 25 Mei 2014

VERSUS : MAKEUP REMOVER [ Silky Girl VS Face On Face ]

I decided to make a versus for products that i've been using and see what's the best.
Now it's time for makeup remover, I bought two, they are Silky Girl and Face On Face. They are both drugstore products (of course) very affordable, and works different on my face. Let's see how they work..